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At Custom Design Fence & Deck, we are known for our brilliant, customized fencing solutions. We can provide a wide range of options, including wood fencing, chain link fencing, and more. Each fencing project is custom designed and built to complement the aesthetics of your home as well as your budget. We have more than 20 years of industry experience and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Working on a DIY fencing project? At Custom Design Fence & Deck, we can supply the materials and provide all the tools you need for your project! Come by our showroom to take a look at our selection.

Wood vs. Chain Link Fencing O'Fallon, St Peters, St Charles, Wentzville, St Louis

Choosing the right fence is important, as a fence is one of the defining features of a property and often sets the tone for a great first impression. There are several factors to consider, including cost, aesthetics, designs, maintenance, and many more. One of our O'Fallon, St Peters, St Charles, Wentzville, St Louis wood & chain link fencing specialists can review your options and provide a recommendation based on your preferences.

Comparison of wood vs. chain link fencing:

  • Cost: Wood tends to cost more than chain link fencing
  • Design: Wood offers much more variety when it comes to designs, materials, and colors.
  • Installation: Wood fencing is often more complex and is more difficult to install
  • Maintenance: Chain link fences are very low maintenance while wood fences take considerable monitoring to maintain its optimal condition.
  • Durability: Metal overall tends to last longer than wood and you do not have to worry about rotting or termites.

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At Custom Design Fence & Deck, we only use state-of-the-art materials and are backed by decades of expertise and exceptional craftsmanship. The results are award-winning. Whatever size residential or commercial project you have, our O’Fallon professionals can deliver the high-quality, beautiful, and lasting results you deserve.

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